CBE COLLECTIVE (CBEC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide leadership in improving the CBE equity and prosperity in the District of Columbia, educating and supporting the interests of CBE's as they support the agencies of the DC government and business community.



  • Develop and promote education dissemination and awareness campaigns

  • Amplifying expression to collective barriers to advocate for equitable opportunity access for its members (DC certified business enterprises, (CBEs)

  • Provide a forum to solve common problems and achieve common goals

  • Assist CBE Collective members to meet community business needs.

  • Encourage DC business services research and education.

  • Encourage, incubate and stimulate the development of new business in the District

  • Cultivate a workforce development and employment pipeline for District CBE’s, current District residents and the emerging workforce.


The Collective is spearheading debate on a wide range of business issues, and locally, CBEC works closely with government and non-government officials to meet community business needs.

CBE Collective Initiatives:

  • Rapid Business Development

  • CBE Mentor Protege' Program

  • Opportunity Matching - Capacity Partners

  • Emerging Businesswomen's Program

  • Queen B.E.E. (Businesswomen's Economic Empowerment) Program

  • Diversity Leadership Program

  • Financial Literacy Training

  • DC Work Prep 

CBE Collective Forums:

  • CBE CRA Forum - Community Reinvestment Agreements Forum

  • YE$ (Young Enterprise Money Makers) Forum - Entrepreneurship Incubator


Founding Team
  • We Invent — we generate and test unique business ideas for programs & products. After carefully validating the concept, we partner with brilliant entrepreneurs to build a product used by many.

  • We Build — together with the co-founders, our multi-disciplinary team works hands-on to build strong products - which we get pilot users to test as early as possible to confirm the Product/Market Fit.

  • We Scale — as soon as we have traction, we publicly release the product and work hard on growth and user acquisition, while transferring valuable knowledge to the co-founding team.

  • The Organization Grows — after 18 months, the company leaves the nest and becomes fully financially and operationally independent. The founders gradually build their own team and culture in their own office.


Partner Team

Collaborating to ‘Make it Happen’


It takes a web of interlocking partners to develop and sustain healthy, vibrant communities. None of us can do it alone. That’s why one of our core competencies is forging creative collaborations that match our assets with the strengths of others to maximize the benefits for the families we all serve.


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